Relentless Execution

Relentless Execution is the coming together of four business processes: Vision, Alignment, Accountability and Rhythm. When these 4 processes are successfully executed in coordination, your Company will be unstoppable. 


Vision is about developing your guiding principles and future state. Why does your company exist and why do your Customers need it. 


Alignment is the process of sharing the vision and making sure the team is all onboard. Everyone in the boat must be rowing the same way. This occurs through frequent sharing of the vision. It must be shared frequently and lived daily.


Accountability is requiring everyone to contribute and establishing a process that it is evident if someone is not performing to their standards. There are no exceptions in a high performing business. The old adage is very true, you are only as strong as your weakest link.


Rhythm is the recurring cycle your company employs to assure the three concepts above are living and well. Not staying to your rhythm will negatively affect your performance.

These processes will greatly increase the likelihood you are able to achieve your dreams. Now is the time to learn more. If you are ready to take charge of your future, contact Weiss Advisors today for a no-obligation discovery consultation.