What is the Value Acceleration Process?

EPI’s Valuation Acceleration Process is a Repeatable Strategic Framework to grow value in your business, drive higher profits and align your business, personal and financial goals.

The Four Steps in Discovery consists of developing a Range of Value for the business and Assessing Personal, Financial and Business needs, wants and desires in approximately 3 months. Once these are identified the owner develops Prioritized Action Plans.

The Second Stage is the Prepare Gate. In this phase, the owner executes on the Prioritized Action Plans they developed in the Discovery Stage. This process usually involves a series of 90 day sprints designed to refine and execute on the Plans developed earlier to achieve their desires, needs and wants. During this phase, Risks are identified and mitigated to help the business increase its consistency and performance. At the completion of each sprint the Master Plan is updated.

The Decide Stage occurs periodically where the owner assesses their progress and decide if they should exit because their goals have been achieved or take another turn at growing the business. Based on their decision they move into the Fourth Phase.

This Fourth Phase results in moving to Advanced Value Creation and continuing their efforts to drive profits, value and alignment or initiating the Exit Process in order to move on to the next act.

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