The 4-C’s

The Four Cs are the Levers you can use to significantly increase the value of your Business. They are Human Capital, Structural Capital, Customer Capital, and Social Capital. Each of these plays a significant role in driving the value and consistency of your business.

Likewise, they are critical to gaining control of your destiny and paving the way for consistent sales and profit gains. These allow you to work more on your business and less in your business and to significantly increase your ability to earn more and enjoy more free time.

Human Capital
Human Capital is building a formidable team that can successfully manage and lead your business. Team development is a large piece of this advantage. Your team should have the skill and will to excel.

Structural Capital
Structural Capital are the systems and processes that assures your business runs as a fine oiled machine. These assure consistent, excellent behavior and performance.

Customer Capital
Customer Capital is based on creating a base of loyal dedicated customers who look to you for much more than product and are believers in your product and services.

Social Capital
Social Capital is the Culture of your Company. Are your Values and Vision known and shared by all? This begins with the hiring process and continues thru all aspects your Company. Your customers realize your company is special by how they are treated.

The four of these together create the environment for you, your team, and your company to succeed. They protect you from the daily obstacles we all must deal with. These are the items that can increase your wealth and happiness exponentially.

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