Who Are Your Competitors?

Every Business needs to know their Competition and how they compare. Knowing this information allows your team to identify specific opportunities with existing customers or prospects.

Sharing with a prospect your delivery times are faster than Company A (who they are using), or your technical team is stronger than Company B, may create an opportunity with that prospect.

Take a few minutes with your Customer Facing team and complete this exercise. I also suggest interviewing new customers about why they started working with your company, as well as lost customers to see why they left.

In today’s environment, your Prospects and Customers are subjected to an incredible amount of noise–increase your odds of breaking through by highlighting your strengths.

Please enjoy this short exercise, be honest in answering the questions and ask your key leaders to complete it on their own. You will be amazed at what you learn.

Now is the time to invest in you, your family, and your business.