What is Value Acceleration?

what is value acceleration

Value acceleration is the conscious effort to grow enterprise value in a manner that enables the efficient conversion of that ownership into personal financial freedom and peace of mind. The goal is to build a significant company over a 2–5-year period. A significant company is one that is valuable and transferrable and has multiple exit options. It has strong Social and Customer Capital, as well as decentralized business owners. The business owners have their personal goals and financial goals aligned with their business goals. They are well thought out, and their written plan includes all three elements.

The four concepts of Value Acceleration are the three legs of the stool, value maturity, the four intangible capitals, and relentless execution. By aligning the four core concepts, you can create a rhythm that everyone at the company follows.

Exit planning is not about exiting soon. It is about having an end in mind to ensure you are effectively improving your business. While a business owner might not be looking to exit their business for years, planning is the best way to expect success. Having a clearly defined exit strategy through the Value Acceleration Methodology not only builds value in your business today but prepares you for the future. Business owners in many cases like to be in control – and controlling the outcome of transferring out of your business is a no-brainer, and exit planning is the way to do that. Transferring out of your business could be a sale, transition to a family member or a professional Management Team.

It does not matter how good your business is. There are always going to be areas that can improve. Even as you work to improve certain areas, others will move in response. So, building Enterprise Value has revealed new improvements that can be made. These improvements could be as simple as updating our business plan to reflect current financial projections. Other times, they have been drastic improvements, such as aligning sales and marketing teams’ efforts, so they operate more efficiently, together. When owners work with their teams monthly, quarterly, and yearly, not only will the intangible capitals in their business strengthen, but their business value grows as well.

Now is the time to implement a value acceleration plan for your business. If you are ready to take charge of your future, contact Weiss Advisors today for a no-obligation discovery consultation.