What are you Revenue Drivers?

revenue drivers

I encourage you to block a couple hours to pull your customer facing team together to brainstorm how to increase each of these three revenue drivers. Begin the exercise sharing your current state (Where are you now?) and asking each attendee to make one suggestion, nothing is off the table. Start with the most junior member and move through the entire group with the senior members sharing last. After everyone shares one idea, see if anyone has additional ones to share. Don’t discuss, debate, or criticize any while gathering.

Once everyone has shared, begin with the most junior member and have them provide more detail about their suggestion. Ask them to quantify the increase they think possible, again don’t debate now. Thank the group for their input and schedule a follow-on session to go deeper into recommendations. Reconvene the group later and work thru the suggestions and create a consensus on the opportunity. At this time thank them for their input and share that you will return with recommendations to share with them.

Investing your time and resources into improving your business often can generate a 2-7-fold increase in Enterprise value. Now is the time for you take control of your destiny and significantly increase your wealth and reduce your stress.

A professional advisor and a solid, customized plan can help you navigate the crush of responsibilities that come with business ownership and help keep you in control. To learn more or begin the process please contact us today.