What Are Your Pain Points?

pain points
One of the most valuable exercises a business owner or manager can lead their team through is, “What are Your Pain Points.” A similar version of this is, “If you could wave a magic wand over your business, what would you change?” The value of this exercise is the focus on the employee or team member, this is all about eliminating obstacles or stress they face daily. The benefits to us as managers and/or owners are the employee often is both happier and more productive, the result of listening to them and addressing their problems. Often the process to remove or reduce a pain point is not expensive or time consuming. For those that are either time consuming or expensive, we can use the estimated financial impact to prioritize when and if corrective action should be taken.

Below is a sample created by the Management Team of the Company. If you have not tried a process like this in the past, I suggest you begin with a small group of employees in one department or with your Senior Management team. I think you will be surprised by what you learn and the insight your team will share to mitigate the pain points.

paint points

Investing your time and resources into improving your business often can generate a 2-7-fold increase in Enterprise Value. Now is the time for you take control of your destiny and significantly increase your wealth and reduce your stress.

A professional advisor and a solid, customized plan can help you navigate the crush of responsibilities that come with business ownership and help keep you in control. To learn more or begin the process please call or visit www.weissadvisorsstl.com.