When Would You Like to Exit Your Business and on Whose Terms?

exit your business

Your time to exit drives the opportunities to affect your Value Gap (the difference between what your business is worth today and what it could be worth) and Wealth Gap (the difference between the dollars you need for retirement or your next chapter and what you have today). Preparing in advance allows the business time to build Sales and EBITDA while also working on strengthening the Management Team, improving systems and processes, developing more loyal and sticky customers, and creating a world class culture.

If there is less than 12 months, the efforts will be around simple changes to enhance the Company and marketing and selling the business.

12 – 18 months allows time to retain professional help to strategically increase the value of the Company and work with the Business Broker or M&A specialist to identify actions to increase Enterprise value.

18 – 24 months provides additional time to affect structural changes in the Business to improve your Management Team, systems and processes while adding new customers and strengthening relationships with existing customers.

Beginning the process 2 years or longer in advance allows you time to take advantage of all the levers you can pull to maximize the value of your business, assure a smooth transition, minimize income and estate tax bills or to build a best-in-class business you can be proud of while enjoying the benefits of consistent sales and earning growth, increase income and wealth, more free time and a less stressful life.

Investing your time and resources into improving your business often can generate a 2-7-fold increase in value. Now is the time for you take control of your destiny and significantly increase your wealth.

A professional advisor and a solid, customized plan can help you navigate the crush of responsibilities that come with business ownership and keep you in control. To learn more or begin the process please call us at 314.610.1553 or complete our complimentary 10-minute-high performance business assessment below.