Exit Planning is Not About Exiting Soon

The Value Acceleration Methodology is a strategic framework for executing exit planning. It is the value management system that prepares owners for an exit at any time, eliminating the stress of being caught off guard by an exit. The Value Acceleration Methodology was created to help owners understand that exit planning is simply a good business strategy. 

Exit planning is not just a plan. It is a strategy rooted in execution that grows value while expanding options so that an owner can transition the business on their terms when they are ready. The Value Acceleration Methodology aligns an owner’s business, personal, and financial needs.

Exit planning is not about exiting soon. It is about having an end in mind to ensure you are effectively improving your business now at this moment

– Matthew Barber

These three gates combine the plan, concept, effort, and process into a clear strategy to build a business that is both valuable and transferable. Value acceleration actions require tireless commitment and relentless execution. Exit planning is simply good business strategy integrated with your personal and financial goals and objectives.

While a business owner might not be looking to exit their business for years, planning for the future is the best way to expect success during a transition. Having a clearly defined exit strategy through the Value Acceleration Methodology not only builds value in your business today but prepares you for the future. Jennifer Ramos says, “Business owners in many cases like to be in control – and controlling the outcome of transferring out of your business is a no-brainer, and exit planning is the way to do that.”

Now is the time to implement a value acceleration plan for your business. If you are ready to take charge of your future, contact Weiss Advisors today for a no-obligation discovery consultation.