Are Your Employees Engaged?

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Research by Gallup indicates that almost 70% of employees are not engaged in the business that they are employed. Further research shows organizations that have at least 80% engaged employees grow at a rate that is 2.6 times faster and realize far higher profit margin.

Recent research by Gallup revealed:
·     The decreased productivity of each disengaged employee costs their employer $3,400 to $10,000 in salary
·     Disengaged employees take more sick days and are tardy more often
·     Disengaged employees create disengaged customers because frustrated workers can’t help but pass on their cynicism and negativity
·     Highly profitable companies have 50% more engaged employees versus unprofitable companies
·     Teams with high levels of engagement sell over 20% more than teams with low engagement
·     As employee disengagement grows, so does the risk of talent loss. Gartner research has found a 13% increase in the number of high-potential employees desiring to leave their current companies because of disengaged employees

Ways to engage your employees:
·     Get to know them
·     Provide them with the tools for success
·     Let them know how the company is doing
·     Allow them to grow
·     Support them and the authority you’ve granted
·     Recognize your team and their hard work
·     Encourage teamwork among employees
·     Find employees that care about the customer

You want your employees to have pride in what they do, and in the company, they work for. Those who work with purpose put forth their best efforts; a practice that can only benefit the goal of your organization. It’s important to look at every aspect of why people do the work they do and what drives them to do it.

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