Accelerate the Value of
Your Business, Take Control
of Your Income and Wealth.

Certified Business Value Acceleration & Succession Planning Advisors

When you engage CEPA-certified Weiss Advisors for your business value acceleration and succession planning, we work with you step-by-step to create the best strategy for you, one that you can implement in a realistic way while you run your business. Throughout the process, Weiss Advisors is here for you to ensure you get where you want to be faster, in an organized, less stressful manner.

Value Acceleration

If you want to maximize the value of your business, minimize risks, increase income, and balance your work-life ratio, a Weiss Advisors Value Acceleration Plan will get you there.

Group Coaching

This 12-month program combines your industry expertise with a formula for achieving personal success, business growth, profit, and improved business valuation.

Succession Planning

Weiss Advisors will help you create a Succession Plan and simplify transitioning so you can increase your personal wealth, take control of your destiny now, and exit with peace of mind.

Don’t wait until you’re close to retirement – you need to accelerate the value of your business as soon as you can, develop and implement a succession plan with a team of experts, and work ON your business, not just in it.


of businesses put on
the market don’t sell.


of business owners have no
formal life-after or succession plan.


of family-owned companies don’t
survive into the second generation.

Larry Weiss


About Weiss Advisors

Larry Weiss, CPA, CEPA®, and founder of Weiss Advisors, has decades of expertise and success in dental, medical, and manufacturing business development, operations, finance, sales, value acceleration, and exit planning. He spent the bulk of his career on these disciplines for national companies and his team can do the same for you. Learn more about Weiss Advisors’ in-depth experience and how it will help you reach your business and personal goals.

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Why Invest the Time to Improve my Business?
Are you a High-Performance Business
Begin the Process with an Honest Business Assessment

Your Business Success Pathway!

17 Steps to a Successful Business and Exit or Transition
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Work ON Your Business not IN Your Business!

Work on the business instead of in the business and build healthy habits! To accomplish working on the Business you should focus on Four Activities!
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How to Bottle Success

To ensure your business success, you need to work from the ground up to guarantee profitability and business salability. It remains extremely doubtful that any business will be saleable if it is not profitable.
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Less than two in five businesses make a profit over their lifetime. Another study reveals that as many as 80% of all business owners make less than the average weekly wage and 40% make less than half the weekly wage of full-time adult workers.
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The #1 reason for failure for CEO's, business owners and managers today is lack of strategy execution. Consider that less than 10% of strategies are successfully implemented and 70% of CEO failures are a result of poor execution.
Exit Planning Institute

Focus on Now

The Value Acceleration Methodology is a proven process that focuses on value growth and aligning business, personal and financial goals. It creates a roadmap to success.


“I’ve had the privilege of working with Larry on strategic planning and found him to be extremely knowledgeable and adept at planning. His ability to analyze data and convert it into actionable plans is outstanding as is his grasp of all aspects of running a business. He is quite strong in the areas of business valuation and developing an exit strategy. I give Larry my highest recommendation as a business consultant.”

“Larry is well connected and respected across all aspects of the dental industry. Those connections provide Larry with an amazing insight into the dental industry trends, issues, and opportunities, whether in manufacturing or in the practice of dentistry. Larry has an ability to think outside of the box while relying on his experience in financial and operational issues to chart a path to the end goal.”

“Larry has been working with us to develop and execute on a new DSO sales channel. Our team is excited to launch our first campaign as the ADA is allowing Dental offices to reopen. His assistance has been invaluable, introducing us to new opportunities and helping us quantify the potential as well as giving us access to Key Executives and Thought Leaders we had not previously approached.”

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